Streetsblog Makes Streetfilms

Have you stumbled upon this Streesblog site?  If you haven’t, you’re really in for a treat. The title of this first project is Moving Beyond the Automobile, a 10 part series addressing an array of ways streets can be retrofitted to accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, and others, helping us move from a car-dominated urban layout to one more conducive to a richer lifestyle. It’s great intro material for your coworkers or clients who are new to this stuff – like a visual handbook, with chapters about everything from bicycles, car shares, and transit-oriented development, to the more controvercial congestion pricing, traffic calming and highway removal,  As they say, “Cars were then, and this is now.  Welcome to the future.”

If this just whet your appetite & you need more  visit

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A urban planner by degree, bicycling enthusiast by birth, this is a forum to share the crazy biking and urban design inspiration that crosses my path.
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