Car-Free Challenge: Weeks 2 & 3

Week 2’s car-free day (Thurs Jan 13th) wasn’t that challenging – except that it was 26 degrees.  Usually that’s a strong deterrent to getting out of bed (I usually check my iPhone weather first thing in the a.m.), not to mention biking anywhere.  I was determined to not lose the challenge on week #2 though, knowing I’d need to drive Friday, uncertain what Saturday would hold.  At least the sun was out, so that helped.

With good thick gloves, thick socks, leggings under pants, two shirts under a sweater under a wool coat, and a bulky wool scarf, below-freezing temps aren’t really so bad!  Sometimes it’s just all in your head, you know?  Now that I’ve proven to myself that 26 is doable it’s been much easier to venture into the cold.

Week 3 started with one “failed attempt” at car-free (Sunday Jan 16th), and one early success (MLK Day Monday!).  I put “failed attempt” in quotes only because it was really only a failure in the attempt to go the whole day without using the car (which I didn’t do), and a huge success for biking in general!

Even though it was a bit damp outside from the rain (and was misting occasionally) I decided today was the day to go to Home Depot for bungee cords.  It’s only 2 miles – I’m amazed how close 2 miles is starting to feel on a bike!!  Got home and strapped a big crate on the rack (and attached a water bottle holder which was a bit of an ordeal – more on the transformation of this road bike into a commuter/cargo bike here) and headed to Urban Acres for groceries!  Errands for the day done on bike: check.

Then I decided to run to my sister’s in Red Oak (20 miles, no DART, not biking) so that ruined the car-free part, but the day was such a huge success!

Monday was a holiday so biking around town was easy – coffee shop downtown, dropped off some dry-cleaning, and headed home after dark.  Biked the Commerce Street bridge for the first time, which isn’t too bad if you time it right with the lights and traffic, then down Sylvan toward Bishop Arts.  Sylvan has a good little hill, but there were good sidewalks so the crazy fast traffic wasn’t an inconvenience.

Haven’t made a car-free day again this week, but it’s starting to feel more normal to just run neighborhood errands on the bike.

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2 Responses to Car-Free Challenge: Weeks 2 & 3

  1. Andrew says:

    You rock the car free well! Try edgefield next time you corss over on commerce. It is the best i-30 crossing and is beautiful scenery.

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