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Before deciding to irreparably change one’s face it is crucial that a person consider what the impetus is behind the decision. Generally speaking, people have rhinoplasty because they are unhappy with their current looks. However, the reason for their distaste varies widely across a number of reasons. The fact is a lot of people are displeased with something or another about their body but this feeling is particularly increased when it comes to the nose. A large part of the relative attractiveness or lack their of of one’s face comes from the nose. It is positioned dead center and monopolizes the way a person looks. In fact even a minor change like a break can dramatically change the way a person looks. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that because it is front and center it is hard to not constantly be aware of when it causes one issues.

Rhinoplasty is used to repair a number of different problems and in various ways. the way we live just does not bode well for a soft fleshy protuberance on the face. It is easily elbowed playing basketball or hit playing baseball. It tends to be the first thing hit by stray Frisbees and angry fists. Growing up this leads to most people having some sort of irregularity by the time they reach adulthood. For men it is less of an issue because it seems sort of rugged in our society. But if a woman had a nose like Owen Wilson she would be discriminated against. Today even many men are more focused on having an excellent symmetry to their face. The pursuit of beauty for one’s own sake is a great reason to have rhinoplasty. It can create an even, symmetrical and beautiful nose that will really look fantastic.

On the other hand there are many reasons not to have rhinoplasty done. The number one reason is for somebody else. A lot of people come into plastic surgery clinics saying that their boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, sister, etc. says that it will “fix” them and that it is ugly or ruins their look. This is not only a hurtful thing for people that supposedly care to say, it is also a terrible reason to consider plastic surgery. When it comes to permanently altering one’s face it only matters what the person whose face it is thinks. This saying applies to patients who come in saying they want a nose that looks like this, that or the other celebrity. In fact it is almost impossible to create somebody else’s feature on another person. Especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery the way it works is by taking what exists and enhancing and improving it.

Considering rhinoplasty is fantastic when the desired result is a new and refreshed appearance. On the other hand it is ill advised for people looking to improve their looks for the satisfaction of other people. It is life changing and irreparable. It is always possible to have more surgery but it is never possible to undo a surgery.

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